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As I made my way to Central Station this morning, I stopped and paused, and thought to myself, “I’d really like an Apricot Danish from the bakery on the corner”. For at least twenty years, I’ve been going to Bakers Bun at least three times a week, for their bread rolls, their sausage rolls, and their Apricot Danish.

I first bought their stuff when they started off at the Redfern/Surry Hills Mall. A few years later, as rents increased, and another chain store moved in, they moved across the road to Baptist Street, where they’ve been for maybe ten or fifteen years.

When they started out, their kids were still toddlers. Now they’re probably in their early to mid twenties. It’s been terrific to watch them grow up, and to be part of the Surry Hills community.

In fact, a few years ago, they were featured in a gay-themed movie set locally, called “Older n Last Time“, as I wrote at the time.

And the baker in the film, played by Kim Diep, is from my local bakery. He’s been serving me for fifteen years, including from the time he was just a child. Now he’s probably in his early 20s and I can remember him as a kid behind the counter of the family-run bakery. Now I’m feeling old.

And then this morning I felt really sad when I saw the sign on their shutter door, announcing they were closing immediately, due to a sudden family tragedy.

Baker's Bun Thankyou
Baker’s Bun Thankyou

I asked the guy who runs the cafe next door what had happened. “A stroke, on Thursday night”, he told me. I felt so sad. They were such a lovely family. They would always greet you with a smile. In the midst of their family tragedy, I hope they’re doing ok, and I hope they know they were an important part of the lives of many people in Surry Hills / Redfern.

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  1. Yes my partner and myself have been going to Kim Simon and Emily for a long time and it was with great sadness the passing of Simon at such a young age. Beautiful people beautiful soul! R.I.P Simon.

    1. I have only lived in the area for 1.5years but I would always stop in and buy my bread and generally a sausage toll of two. They were beautiful people always smiling and friendly. I was so saddened to hear what happened to them but was touched at the messages people had n continue to put up in regards to the tragedy. When I stop at fernside to buy my coffee I read the lovely messages and feel sad for them. It’s nice to know they were appreciated in the community and it was nice reading your story to find out a little more about them.

        1. Would anybody know where I could send them a condolence card, as I thought they were the nicest family, am very upset that this has happened to them, have been in hospital myself, just found out.. If anybody would know anything, could they please send an email to, ( )

          Kindest regards

  2. I just got back from overseas and have been going there for about 20 years too. Such lovely people and always friendly, welcoming and happy. Everything they sold was well priced and fabulous. I am so sad to hear about that sudden death, such a tragedy. I hope they can reopen the business soon.

  3. I lived in Redfern for 10 years and now live elsewhere . I can clearly see Simon’s gentle smile as he indulged my weakness for wagon wheels. I was shocked to hear of his family’s loss. Simon’s kind nature will remain in my memory and inspire me. My thoughts are with Simon’s family and friends.

  4. Hey, just wanted to say thanks for posting this. I was wondering why they never re-opened after Easter. Was looking forward to one of their delicious curry pies, a new find for me, new to the area. I keep walking nearby and glancing over, but kept seeing the shutters closed and wondering. This is really sad, and kind of beautiful to know they made such a great impact on the community.

    1. I went into the shop while it was being renovated by the new owners. I wished them well.
      I will never forget the kindness of Simon. I hope his family knows that he is missed by many in the Redfern community.

  5. I have had bread rolls for our school BBQs from these guys for about 5 years. I would always order and pick them up warm. They would make them fresh for us every time. It’s my first experience of bread melting in your mouth. I couldn’t understand why they were closed a few months back so had to go elsewhere. So sorry to hear about this tragedy for such a lovely family. I hope you take care of yourselves through your grieving process. Looks like the community are grieving also.


  6. I just found out yesterday from the nail bar in the mall and it broke my heart.
    I remember Simon and Kim in the mall and Kim in his school uniform.
    I wondered why the shop was closed.. and then new owners.
    Its pretty sad when someone in ur neighborhood who has grown with you in the past 20 + years.. has such a sad ending …

    We are all thinking about you kim and emily. Our hearts go out to you and your beautiful family.
    Dione, Josh, Walter and Grayson xxx

      1. I remember Simon’s smile as if it was yesterday. A gentleman in every sense of the word. Andrew

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  7. Hi there,
    Just happened upon this. Thought I would let you know that Emily and her brother now have a shop in Putney. It’s called Black Toque and is a French Patisserie. The food is amazing

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