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Today was the first time in about a month when I had time at work to “breathe”. For many industries, October/November is a time when people start to wind down. But in the industry in which I work, it’s quite a busy time, with planning and negotiation around summer leave (24×7 requirements), and as contract negotiation for the following year is finalised. There will be more busy activity over the next week or so, and so it’s not over yet. But today, for the first time in what seems like forever, I actually had some “thinking time”. I also had some time tonight to review some interesting/”random” photographs from the last few weeks, and have shared them with you here today.

This is “Biscuit”, our apartment block’s “collective cat”. Orange is the new cat.
Snapped through the glass at the ABC, the News 24 team during the US election.
Snapped from the back laneway.
The last week has been “crazy as #$^&”, so going through some forgotten photographs now, including this lovely photograph from last Wednesday, when we celebrated my birthday with a yummy cake with colleagues.
Have had an amazing encounter thanks to one of the “whatever happened to..” groups on Facebook. This week someone posted a photograph of family member, Gloria who I recognised instantly. 1964 maybe?
Each year, the ABC supports Australian music with #AusMusicMonth, and one one day everyone is encouraged to wear a “band t-shirt”. I haven’t had an Australian band t-shirt in years, and so I’m pleased Nat and the team from ABC Melbourne were able to help out with their t-shirt, featuring their Breakfast presenter and former Skyhooks member, Red.

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  1. Our well know radio breakfast host as pictured on the tee shirt does not like to discuss old times, but I wish he would.

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