As we caught the ferry, we made one or two jokes about the age of the people heading to tonight’s concert at Taronga Zoo by The Sports and Jo Jo Zep & The Flacons. “They might still have folding chairs, but it won’t be long until they have walking frames”: that kind of thing. Though we’re no spring chickens ourselves, it was pretty interesting going to see a concert featuring two legendary bands of the 70s/80s, who I don’t think have performed together for over thirty years. Though the band, The Sports performed well, I’ve seen Stephen Cummings perform better. Joe Camilleri, about to turn seventy, was excellent, as were The Falcons.

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  1. I was one of those oldies there last night. I may be 56 but I remember the Sports, Joe Camilleri, The Falcons & Stephen Cummings as though it were yesterday. Have to agree wholeheartedly with your comments. Stephen should retire. He was clearly not himself, although just who he was is anyone’s guess. He began the set by rambling on about flamingoes & other assorted wildlife. He forgot words, he was out of time & couldn’t keep up with the band, who were as sharp as ever.
    Joe on the other hand was fabulous. The band was tight & did some innovative renditions of crowd faves such as Shape I’m in & Hit & Run. Like fine wine Joe gets better with age, Stephen well …

    • 51 and 59 for us. My friend who was with me used to be a rock photographer, and has close personal connections to a lot of bands from that time. She joked, “I think this is the first time I’ve ever paid to see them.”

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