Settling in to Stockholm

One of the things I really love about the public transport system (in the centre of town at least) is, for the most part you never have to run to catch the subway (Tunnelbana). Of course there are times when you’ll need to run, for the most part if you miss one, another one will arrive soon. That wasn’t the case yesterday, as I struggled with the stern look of a bus driver who wanted to stay on time, with little concern for the middle aged bloke from Australia struggling with a backpack.’

I had a deadline to meet: I was scheduled to meet my AirBnB host in about thirty minutes. Thankfully I made it in time. I was even a little early. The apartment is better than I thought it would be: more spacious than I expected, located in a terrific area, and my host seems like a really terrific guy. Once again, I’m located on Södermalm, with shops and bars closeby, and with excellent public transport options. As you’ll see from below, there is a bar located in the basement of the apartment block, though I’m unsure if it’s peak hipster or Steptoe & Son.

Before lunch with Robert and Sandra, we had been to see a private performance at the Hardrock Cafe by Isaiah Firebrace, Australia’s entrant in the Eurovision Song Contest. I hadn’t known he was going to be in Stockholm, until a chance meeting on Thursday night.

He performed three songs, had photographs taken with fans, and undertook one of those excruciating Q&As with a Swedish radio announcer (who we learned more about, possibly, than Isaiah himself). “I think you did a terrific job at Eurovision”, I told him. He seemed like a nice young lad.

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