Hello Hobart

For most domestic travel, and even some international, I can usually get by with carry-on luggage. A couple of pairs of shorts, a couple of polo shirts, a couple of collared shorts, some jeans, some socks and jocks and even a suit can be comfortably accommodated within the carry-on limit. This time around I’ve brought with me a few extra things, as I’m working here in Hobart for a couple of weeks. And so this morning, I checked in my luggage.

On arriving at Hobart airport, there were two other flights arriving at around the same time, and so there was a lengthy wait for my bag to arrive. I wasn’t too concerned, since I had a couple of hours to kill until I was able to check in to the apartment I’m staying in.

In the end, the combination of luggage delay, followed by half a dozen oysters and a glass of wine at T42 (a nifty little bar overlooking the water) provided the perfect interlude.

As I sat and enjoyed my “light lunch”, I took a closer look at the weather forecast for the next week. I don’t think I’ve ever been in Hobart in such warm conditions. Even though a friend and I holidayed here in November a few years ago, I don’t recall it ever being that warm.

Mawson and Me

In the midst of a fair bit of work to do, I’m looking forward to some extra-curricula activities on weeknights and weekends. My ex lives here, and so I’ll be catching up with him and his wife for drinks and dinner. I’m going to see a play next weekend, and I’m also going on a day trip to Bruny Island, for what sounds like a terrific “gourmet food and wine experience”.

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