My Week in Hobart

Ten years ago, or even five years ago, I’m sure I could have been tempted to top off the evening with a nightcap at the nearby whiskey bar. But after a long day at work, several courses of food at Aløft, and a fair few glasses of beer, wine, and an Aperol spritz, we were all clear it was time to head home.

On top of work, I’ve been leading a fairly active social life in Hobart.

It all started on Monday night with the launch of the Theatre Royal 2018 Season. I read somewhere the theatre is one of the oldest in Australia. Even if it’s not, it’s a beautiful theatre. The launch of the impressiveness of next year’s theatre season was enhanced by the placement of the after-launch drinks on stage.

Also this week, Damien and I dined on Wednesday night at the pub, Tom McHugos. “This was called something different last time I was here”, I told him, remembering they served some very decent “pub food”. They still serve “pub food” at reasonable prices, but the style of food has gone a little “upmarket”. But not upmarket in an unreasonable manner. You can still get a schnitzel and fish and chips. Highly recommended.

I’ve also eaten this week at a pretty good Vietnamese, and then tonight, we dined on several courses at Aløft.

With spectacular views overlooking the water, the restaurant also enjoys terrific service (like, genuinely good service that was neither too attentive, not too distant, with waiters and someliers who seemed to genuinely know what they were talking about), as well as genuinely very good, interesting food. Very, very highly recommended.

And then today, through work, I also attended the announcement of the Australian Of The Year for Tasmania.

And yes, despite writing about food and wine adventures, I have also been working quite hard throughout the week. The big assignment for Wednesday was the announcement of the results of the Marriage Law Survey, which will see marriage equality legalised in Australia. At last. I went briefly to a pub where gay rights campaigner, Rodney Croome was hosting an announcement party, and on Wednesday night, I went to a further celebration at a nearby pub.

No doubt you’ve also read a little in the newspapers about further changes at the ABC which is where I work. Good news! I still have a job! It’s not dissimilar to the one I currently have, though it’s been further refined. It’s a terrific place to work, which I love very much, and hope to keep working at in the future.

I have a few plans for the weekend, including a visit to Mona, and a food/wine tour to Bruny Island. I also need to visit a doctor. From time to time in my life, I have suffered with sabaceous cysts. I had one on my back a few years ago which required surgery. And I have another one which has turned up on my face. Ah well.

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  1. Hi James,

    Happy to read you still have a job. Hopefully the role is one you are happy with! Given you recently moved into your role, I didn’t think you would have been effected.



  2. I’m glad you still have a role in a restructured organisation. I really must re-visit Tasmania soon. I have only visited once previously and that was 44 years ago!

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