You know how ugly those hoardings on construction works can be? Chip-board. “Do not enter” signs. That kind of thing? The other week I noticed there’s a new approach that’s being taken by the City of Sydney.

I first saw it at the old fruit and vegetable shop on Crown Street, Surry Hills, currently under construction. They’ll probably turn it into a cafe, or a nail salon, or a hair-dresser for pets, as seems to be the fashion for everything in my suburb, these days.

But the one thing they have gotten right, is the decision to decorate the construction site hoarding with some terrific public art. I also noticed there’s a construction site in Chippendale with these hoardings also. Very welcome, in my humble opinion. Enjoy.

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  1. I also like the recent trend of placing historic photos of the area of Sydney where the construction is taking place.

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