Surry Hills on a Sunday Afternoon

As if we don’t already have enough construction underway in the neighbourhood (eventually it will be awesome, but for right now, the light rail is a pain in the arse) they’re building a new apartment block on the corner of my street. Though I mostly use the back lane-way to enter my building, I thought I’d go for a walk down the street for a closer look. After all, it was a Sunday, there’d be no one around, I thought, but to my surprise there was a bit of activity.

I’d just been for a lengthy walk around the neighbourhood, starting in Darlinghurst and ending up back in Surry Hills. Along the way, I snapped a few photographs of things which caught my eye for the first time, or in the case of the beautiful door at Mrs Red & Sons, for the umpteenth time in many, many years.

Mrs Red on Crown Street, Surry Hills
Mirror Art

In the midst of all the construction work, it was lovely to look around and reflect on what a terrific neighbourhood it is to live in.

And then, when I entered the street to take a look at the apartment block construction, I saw a thirty-something bloke (who I later discovered was called Angus) all by himself, struggling, to re-erect the construction fence, which had been blown down by the strong winds of the last day or so.

“Do you need a hand?”, I asked him, to which he replied with an enthusiastic yes. Though I thought this would be a quick, easy job, it actually turned out to be quite a job. The fence and stabilisers were very heavy.

After a while, another bloke called Pepper, who also lives in my street, stopped by to help. Eventually, we got the fence standing upright, and despite a flew bloody scratches, I felt a sense of join achievement, in my first bit of proper manual work in many, many years. And hey, Surry Hills – the suburb where people help others.

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  1. Andrew Avatar

    Ohh, Tradie O’Brien. Nice. The construction of Edinburgh’s light rail was a disaster, yet NSW didn’t take any lessons from what happened there.

    1. James O'Brien Avatar

      If you met my family, they’re all mostly tradies.

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