Eurovision / Melodifestivalen Moment #4 : Nanne Grönvall

In 2005, in controversial circumstances, Sweden chose Martin Stenmarck with his song “Las Vegas” (which I liked a lot) over Nanne Grönvall with her song “Håll om mig” (which I liked a lot more). Nanne had the popular vote (chosen by viewers), but was trumped by Martin who had the jury vote (chosen by a group of experts). There was a public outcry over the result, and the rules surrounding Melodifestivalen have since changed.

Nanne is a fantastic performer who I’ve seen perform on a few occasions and actually met once at a shopping centre performance in Stockholm. She comes from Swedish pop music “royalty” as her father-in-Iaw is Benny Andersson from ABBA.

I shot this clip at Stockholm’s Paradise nightclub. I’d seen her perform on DVD and Youtube, but I was absolutely blown away by her life performance. She sings wonderfully, and with incredible passion, and there’s a bit of the Tina Turner in her dance style.

And she SHOULD have represented Sweden in Eurovision in 2005!

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