Some Photographs

In the last few weeks I haven’t found much time or inspiration to write, so this is a bit of a photographic catch-up.

In the week after Mardi Gras, a few of us organised a Trivia Night. It was an awesomely fun evening at The Chippo, a pub in Chippendale. One of the evening’s co-hosts was JoJo Zaho, a drag queen from Newcastle, who has featured in the Miss First Nations Drag Contest. Such a lovely person who brought a lot of fun to the evening. Pic Credit: Hayley
And, as you can see, lots of warmth in the room. Pic Credit Hayley
Also, in the last couple of weeks, my friends Karina and Armen have had a film crew following them, as the ABC TV program, Compass has been making a film about them and their interest in urban spirituality. has a terrific blog which you might like to read, and she was one of the people I worked with on the project. For the TV program, we revisited the wonderful Sydney laneway, McElhone Place. Though we don’t know when the program will air exactly, keep an eye out for it. You may also see me making a brief cameo.

Though I haven’t been writing much, I have been taking lots of photographs, including visits to the Opera House at Dawn.
…and snapping photographs of the changing season.
…and having a photograph or two taken of myself by my friend Kate, with whom I’ve been doing some gallery hopping. Pic: Catherine Croll

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  1. hellocarolbaby Avatar

    Lovely pix!
    That one by Kate of you is brilliant (she is a fab portrait photographer).

    1. James O'Brien Avatar

      Thanks! And yes, she is.

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