August Socials

Conscious that I sometimes share material on other platforms that never makes “the cut” here on my blog, I will start sharing a few bits and pieces here also. These are the tweets, posts, and observations that still seem relevant at the end of each month. Lots of ephemera, but hopefully still quite entertaining.

The Drum live to air from Darwin
July31 : A friend/colleague and I watched @abcthedrum go live to air from Darwin today. Great show, though we were slightly attracted by this.
August 1 : One of the guys at work today complimented me on my shirt, and then shortly afterwards realised what it reminded him of.
August 8 : I found this 33rpm recording at the ABC in Darwin. Today, I grabbed the audio and here it is, the awesome voice of James Dibble.
August 11 : Per capita, I’m sure Darwin has the country’s highest number of personalised number plates. So far, this is the best one I’ve seen.
August 14: “There but for the grace of God, go I”… a radio news blooper that came my way today.August 14:
August 18 : The correct phrase should be “My comments were offensive”, not the usual, lame “I’m sorry if people were offended”.
August 23 : Terrific morning tea today to celebrate Macca’s 45 years at the ABC, with current MD, David Anderson and former MD, David Hill. David Hill was MD when David Anderson started working at the ABC.
August 23 : Even if this was a T20 this would still be pretty bad.
August 28 : When I lived at Bourke in the late 1980s there was a bloke who used to tie his horse up to the railing outside the pub. Would love to see this guy do it.

August 30: Fifty years party tonight for ABC Radio’s program, PM, with lots of new and old faces in the room. Awesome broadcasters and journalists, including Tim Bowden who was there are the very beginning.

August 31 : Though I’m not sure why, there’s a cherry blossom archway in an arcade on George Street, Sydney. Lovely.

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