October Socials

Though it’s not the end of the month yet, and I might add to this over the next few days, these are some of my memories/posts from other platforms. Not worth a blog post in their own right, but still lots of interesting bits and pieces, I guess.

October 2 : After YEARS of staying in hotels with crappy clock radios, it’s awesome to be able to hear ABC Radio sounding good, and easy to find on the hotel TV on channel 25. @abcmelbourne
October 3 : The difference between Sydney and Melbourne? In Melbourne, this is an artwork at the National Gallery. In Sydney, this is performance art most weekends. (in the backstreets of Surry Hills and Darlinghurst)
October 4 : Working today at ABC Melbourne so I took a look behind the scenes.
October 5 : Thirty years ago today, the ABC offered me a job as the Morning Presenter in Renmark. Lots of great jobs and people along the way.

October 12 : At my local pub, the barmaid told me she just received a phone call from someone asking for her husband to come home. “What does he look like?”, she was asked, to which she replied “They’re all fucking bald…”

October 14 : Email from a friend in Melbourne. “I expected Virginia might stumble a bit this morning, her first day on air after a long break at the radio mike, but she didn’t and was just brilliant.” @abcmelbourne@LaTrioli

October 14 : I’m not sure what this means weather-wise, but how great was/is this morning’s sunrise?
October 17 : How cool is this? A surprise morning tea, held this morning. Many thanks to my awesome workmates for organising, and for turning up. Genuinely touched by all the lovely comments in the card.
October 17: In the crowd, attending the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo in Sydney
October 19 : Isn’t it fantastic in an ironic sense that Brisbane’s casino is called Treasury and is located in the old Treasury building. #gambling – how we fund the nation, these days
October 19: So many tall buildings in Brisbane these days. I remember when Sir Joh’s office was both figuratively and literally the highest office in town.

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  1. Surprisingly I haven’t noticed that sculpture in the Gallery moat. The pay for a radio presenter wasn’t too bad for the time, especially at the upper end.

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