Random Sydney Driver

“Can I take your picture? I’ll laminate it and put it on my car”, the man said to me, as I stopped and looked at his “unique” vehicle. I’ve reached the point in life where I’m more likely to say, “Sure, why not?”, than “Why”?

Random Sydney Driver

Pretty soon, it seems, my face will be on a vehicle driving around Sydney, along with Bob Hawke, Clive Palmer and others.

Bob Hawke
Clive Palmer

The loud and pumping music from his vehicle was classic late 1990s/early 2000s disco, obviously designed to attract attention.

It turns out he was a “driver for hire” and asked me if I wanted a lift home. When I told him I only lived a ten minute walk away, he lost a lot interest.

But he was still friendly, and I enjoyed our brief moment of random late night conversation on Oxford Street, Sydney.

Sydney needs more people like this.

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