“Some people told me this is a good place to take photographs”, the young woman said to me with a smile. We were the only two people at the top of the circular tower at the Overseas Passenger Terminal. She was a twenty-something woman visiting from Japan, and she had her heart set on taking a photograph of Sydney Opera House at sunrise. “This is a good spot”, I assured her, and by the look of things (with a bit of patchy cloud around), it looked like it would indeed be a lovely sunrise.

Within a few minutes, however, a cruise ship came into sight, threatening our view of the Opera House.

When it was pretty obvious our view would soon be fully obscured, we both headed downstairs to locate a more suitable spot.

The more “suitable” spot was eventually obscured by a tug boat, and workers securing the cruise ship.

Though I found this work really interesting to watch and photograph, the young woman found it increasingly frustrating. She wanted her “clear view” of the Sydney Opera House at dawn.

There were heaps of photographers, as well as lots of passersby at Circular Quay this morning. They appear to have much in common with those people you see fishing around the harbour, lots of equipment and lots of patience.
Eventually, the young tourist, the photographers and I were rewarded with a terrific sunrise photograph.
Unless there’s a cruise ship in front of you, this tower normally affords you a wonderful 360 view of Circular Quay, the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House.

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