Whenever he appears in the media (as he did this week with his comments about AUKUS), I will often relate to friends and colleagues the time I had to “meet and greet” former Prime Minister, Paul Keating. Though I don’t recall the exact date, it was probably in about 2006, and I think he was coming on ABC Radio Sydney to talk about Barangaroo.

As I recall from our chat, he was curious about the appointment of Virginia Trioli to the Morning Show on ABC Radio Sydney (“Does she know anything about Sydney?”),… Read the rest “Flashback”

Sydney Sunrise

“Some people told me this is a good place to take photographs”, the young woman said to me with a smile. We were the only two people at the top of the circular tower at the Overseas Passenger Terminal. She was a twenty-something woman visiting from Japan, and she had her heart set on taking a photograph of Sydney Opera House at sunrise. “This is a good spot”, I assured her, and by the look of things (with a bit of patchy cloud around), it looked like it would indeed be a lovely sunrise.… Read the rest “Sydney Sunrise”

Birthday Celebrations

Fifty-three is such a “meh” birthday, and yet it was actually quite as good one, with a few highlights.

Yesterday, I woke early and went out in search of an early morning “adventure”. I left the house before 6.00am, and wandered in the direction of Kings Cross. I figured an early morning breakfast in The Cross might be a great way to start the day. I caught the train the The Cross, only to discover virtually none of the cafes were open before 7.00.… Read the rest “Birthday Celebrations”

Sydney Opera House Protest

According the The Guardian, there were hundreds. According to the ABC, there were just over a thousand. According to Fairfax, there were thousands. And according to both News Corp and Alan Jones, there were probably just a “handful of leftie, pinko, greenie commos”.

I don’t know exactly how many people attended tonight’s protest rally at the Sydney Opera House, but there were quite a few, concerned at both the process and the decision to allow the Opera House to allow the projection onto the sails of an advertisement for a forthcoming horse race.… Read the rest “Sydney Opera House Protest”