Why you should get up early

If you live in Sydney, or you’re visiting Sydney, here’s why you should get up early and visit Circular Quay.

Circular Quay offers the harbour, the bridge, the Opera House and so much more.

And if you don’t especially like crowds, you can always get up early (before dawn) and head down. Aside from a few eager photographers and a handful of people exercising, there’s no one around.

“Sunsets are for crowds, sunrises are for individuals”, a friend commented.… Read the rest “Why you should get up early”

Sunday Sunrise

As I looked down Alfred Street at Milson’s Point (Sydney) yesterday, I quickly remembered how good the view of the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge is from Kirribilli.

As I live on the southern side of the harbour in Sydney, it’s not something I often think about. For me, it’s always about the wonderful views from Circular Quay.

But if you cross the bridge, and walk around the harbour foreshore, there are some wonderful city views.… Read the rest “Sunday Sunrise”

Early Riser

“It seems to me you’re a bit of an early riser?”, a colleague said to me the other day. She’s been living in the US and UK for over a decade and has recently taken up a new role. Both of us will often write emails first thing in the morning, though we often don’t send them until a little later. She’s been at work for only three weeks, and because we’re working at home, we’ve only met each other twice.… Read the rest “Early Riser”

Sydney Sunrise

“Some people told me this is a good place to take photographs”, the young woman said to me with a smile. We were the only two people at the top of the circular tower at the Overseas Passenger Terminal. She was a twenty-something woman visiting from Japan, and she had her heart set on taking a photograph of Sydney Opera House at sunrise. “This is a good spot”, I assured her, and by the look of things (with a bit of patchy cloud around), it looked like it would indeed be a lovely sunrise.… Read the rest “Sydney Sunrise”