Sunday Sunrise

As I looked down Alfred Street at Milson’s Point (Sydney) yesterday, I quickly remembered how good the view of the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge is from Kirribilli.

As I live on the southern side of the harbour in Sydney, it’s not something I often think about. For me, it’s always about the wonderful views from Circular Quay.

But if you cross the bridge, and walk around the harbour foreshore, there are some wonderful city views.

I was visiting a friend yesterday who lives at Milson’s Point, and so it was just a fleeting view. But in the back of my mind I made a vow to myself to return to take in the sights, and to take some photographs. When I woke early this morning, I made the split-second decision to do just that, to enjoy the sunrise views.

Sydney Opera House, the city, and the Sydney Harbour Bridge, as viewed from Kirribilli.
Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge as viewed from the Milson’s Point Ferry Wharf.
Jeffrey Street Wharf at Kirribilli
On arriving at Kirribilli, I saw a fair number of people down by the water. Photographers? Yes, there was one other bloke taking photographs on his smart phone. But mostly, there were people fishing.
The light rail on George Street, early on a Sunday morning.

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