Circular Quay

We’ve had a series of warm nights in Sydney. You know? Those nights where you wake up in the middle of the night, look at your phone, and can’t possibly believe it’s 27 degrees. It was one of those nights last night, and so when I woke in the middle of the night, I hopped […]

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Sydney Harbour Cruise

Though I’ve been on many ferries over the 20+ years I’ve lived in Sydney, for the first time EVER I went on a cruise of Sydney Harbour today. ¬†For $39, a group of friends and I (including visitors from the US), enjoyed two hours cruising the harbour. The cruise included a complimentary glass of sparkling […]

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Tourist In My Town

With a friend visiting from the UK, there was a wonderful opportunity for me to be both a “tourist guide”, as well as be a “tourist in my own town”. We started the tour at Sydney’s new harbour reserve, Barangaroo. As it is still early days for the reserve, there’s a lot happening, including free […]

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Circular Quay to Manly

Manly really is seven miles from Sydney, and a thousand miles from care. I spent the afternoon with some friends at Manly’s 16-foot Skiff Club. A few drinks, a bite to eat, lots of good conversation. Here are some photographs I snapped along the way.

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Beautiful Winter Day

Despite the crap weather we’ve had over the last few weeks, Sydney really turned it on today. It was a beautiful day – warm, but not too warm; cool, but not too cool – and so Sue and I spent the afternoon wandering around the Royal Botanic Gardens. In between, we took in a tour […]

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Sydney Summer

For the last few days I’ve been needing an “excuse” to try out my new camera. For the first couple of days the sky has been a little grey. But even then, as the weather improved, and with good intentions, I was waylaid on another by colleagues to have a drink at a funky inner […]

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Balmain Wharf

The view from Balmain Wharf is pretty fantastic. A couple of friends (from high school) and I spent about thirty minutes there yesterday, waiting for a ferry to arrive. “There’s nothing quite like a ferry ride in Sydney to make me feel good”, I told them. “It’s like when a dog hangs its head out […]

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