January Socials

January 28 : This is a pic of Dot Strong! (A well known ABC figure) If you know anyone who ever worked at 2BL / 702BL / 702 ABC Sydney / ABC Radio Sydney (or closely associated areas eg: Marketing, MCR etc), there’s now a group, with a view to holding a reunion. https://facebook.com/groups/abcsydneystaffreunion/
January 31 : Lie-down protest outside News Corp HQ in Surry Hills
January 31 : OMG, I just did this. When I should have pulled out my keys to enter the backdoor of my apartment block, I pulled out my Opal Card. I’m not the only one, right?
January 26 : Love this number plate for the AFP in Canberra
January 24 : Am in Canberra for a couple of days and this is how fast the teams go on Northbourne Avenue. Take that Sydney!

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