March Socials

These are a few of the things I’ve been sharing on social media throughout March.

March 28 : Great work in the midst of this health crisis.
March 25 : TROVE is an excellent source of articles about the 1919 flu.

March 21 : If you’re working from home, talk to your internet provider! I got a message from @Telstra this morning that I’ve used 50% of my monthly data in seven days! I’ve found you can register for an extra 25g of data for services, so long as you register by March 31. Avoid #billshock

March 19 : Day 3 of working from home, and I’m finding the greatest problem I face is resisting the temptation for an afternoon nap. The couch is only 3 metres away!

March 16 : Starting tomorrow, I’m going to be working from home until further notice, and I didn’t have to put on a massive amount of weight to do it. Hope I don’t forget to vent the radioactive gas.
March 16 : At Swedish class, we’re about to look at a book called “100 Swedish Dialects” which comes with an accompanying audio source. OMG, some of them do actually sound like The Muppet Chef!
March 6 : Love it! Toilet rolls added to the meat trays as a bonus prize at my local pub.
March 4 : Here’s a pic of Gloria O’Brien/Pepper neither Sharon nor I had seen before. We’re thinking late 60s. What a lovely pic. Great 60s hair!!