April Socials

April 4 : A reminder in the midst of the “lock down” you don’t HAVE to watch TV. Radio is pretty awesome too, esp since you can simultaenously cook and clean, or have a glass of wine on the balcony.

April 9 : Forget online dating, my current online fantasy involves tracked information from Google Flights. I’ll probably have to re-adjust the dates, but it’s awesome to receive these kind of updates.

April 10 : The NRL & The Five Stages Of Grief 1. Denial: no, it’s not happening, we’ll keep going on. 2. Anger: ok, fine, if you insist, we’ll stop. 3. Bargaining: It’s gonna fine, we’ll come back in May, okay? Still to come stage 4. Depression and finally 5. Acceptance

April 14 : Are we looking too much to the Northern hemisphere for guidance on COVID-19? We’re now heading into the traditional flu season here in the Southern hemisphere, and I wonder if things may get worse over the next few months. Sorry for the doom and gloom, I’ve just been wondering.

April 16 : Hubba hubba. @TomChivers : OF COURSE the Swedish deputy state epidemiologist looks like this

April 16 : Donald Trump and the five stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. I think we’ve gone pretty strongly from denial into anger.
April 16 : Life Aged 20 : There’s a thing happening on Twitter, where people are posting photographs of themselves, aged 20. I couldn’t find one aged 20, but here’s my Brideshead Revisited themed, “21st Birthday” at Tarragindi in Brisbane. Stanley Leasingham cask wine. Classy.
April 26 : Sitting on the couch, a bit bored, and then all of a sudden I heard that familiar sound. Not many kids in our street, but he did a good trade in grown up kids!
April 29 : It’s International Dance Day. In the midst of this terrible situation, this is just the day to put on some of your favourite music and get dancing!!! It will make you feel awesome!!

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