What Day Is It?

When I woke this morning, there was a brief moment when I realised I had absolutely no idea what day it was. “Is it Saturday? Is it Sunday?” Later in the day an older family member joked, “You need to get yourself checked out for alzheimers. That’s how I feel most days”.

I don’t think it’s that serious. It’s just a reflection of the fluidity of life right now, with the often ill-defined delineation between work and home, and spending many days never leaving the house. Perhaps it’s a good preparatory lesson for life in retirement?

I feel like I’ve turned into my grandmother sitting on the balcony watching the neighbours. Why are they doing this? Why are they doing that? Who is that? Why are they putting the mattress out?
Though I’ve been staying at home most of the time I have been getting out for some daily exercise, and a few days ago I wandered down to Circular Quay and witnessed a terrific sunrise at Sydney Opera House.
A few nights ago Kate and I participated in online Drag Queen Bingo. Last year we took part in the “real life” bingo in Darwin, and now the crew there have gone onlne. It was lots of fun, especially when they crossed to other participants around the country.

Like many others, I got up early for the ANZAC Day Commemorative Service, as people participated around the coutry from their front yards, verandahs and balconies. A great contrast for me to what happens most years, and most memorably to the day I visited Gallipoli for ANZAC Day in 2013. https://jamesobrien.id.au/anzac-day-in-turkey/

My Aunty Edna (Dunn / Ianna) was on ABC Radio yesterday with @GlynnGreensmith as part of a talkback about what it was like being alive during WW2, growing up in Lismore. “You could still do your shopping, but if you had no money, you couldn’t buy much”.

I love these comments from Jean, a friend on Facebook.

Edna & those army chaps !! This is rolled gold social history. Love the generosity of spirit she recalls which helped her family survive during the war, relying on the goodness of neighbours for the basics, do we see that today?

We saw something akin to that in the recent bushfires I thought ..an empathy out of the ruins ..maybe all is not lost.

So yeah, quiet, though I’m still keeping my mind active, even if I sometimes forget what day it is.

And then today, there was this.

Sitting on the couch, a bit bored, and then all of a sudden I heard that familiar sound of Greensleaves. There’s not many kids in our street, but he seems to have done a good trade in grown up kids!

All of this reminds me of a rather amusing observation I read on Twitter the other day that right now “Bedtime is either 7pm or 3am”.

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  1. Although retired I still keep track of the days…..well I did until about six weeks ago. Another line I like is what is the appropriate time is it to change from you daytime pyjamas to your nighttime pyjamas.

    1. Yes, the world changed significantly about six weeks ago. Jarmies? For me, it’s easy. I don’t wear night time pyjamas! Sydney is warm enough for nudies!

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