Face-masks no longer compulsory

When the nurse woke me yesterday morning, I didn’t really register the change. I was half-asleep still. It wasn’t until subsequent visits by other staff that I noticed none of the staff were wearing face masks.

As of yesterday, NSW Health has amended the regulations, meaning face-masks are no longer compulsory for hospital staff, patients, or visitors, unless you’re in a high-risk setting, such as aged care or disability, or were yourself exhibiting symptoms of cold or flu.… Read the rest “Face-masks no longer compulsory”

Chocolate and Wine

To my delight, I discovered boxes of chocolates and bottles of wine on my desk at work today. As I’ve been working from home for almost two years, I don’t know exactly when they appeared. Thankfully, the chocolates still seem to be within their “use by date”.

For the most part, I can do my work from home without any problem. Even making a radio show is a little easier, as I don’t have to worry about booking time in studios.… Read the rest “Chocolate and Wine”

Yearly Review 2021

It’s mid-afternoon and I’m sitting at the kitchen table at Pat and Jack’s place in Lismore. Pat is sitting on the back verandah making her way through one of those “word game” books, and Jack is having a mid-afternoon nap on the couch. Pretty soon, we’ll be watching “The Chase” on Prime 7. This is a familiar routine for 2021, as I spent a fair amount of the year based in Lismore.

Since about the age of 18/19, I’ve been living away from Lismore.… Read the rest “Yearly Review 2021”

Busy Airport

I sent my neighbours a text message as I made my way to the airport today.

Chatting with one of them the other day, she said “Well if you end up staying longer, send us a message so we won’t worry.”

The last time I flew was back in June. I was planning on spending a couple of weeks here, anyway, so I didn’t think to mention it.

But after a couple of weeks she noticed my absence, and she sent me a text asking if I was okay.… Read the rest “Busy Airport”