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  • A little bored, to be honest…

    A little bored, to be honest…

    “So I guess you won’t be going to the Worker’s Club on Friday night?”, Pat said to me the other day. “I guess not”, I replied, in reference to the (hopefully only) 7-day COVID-related lockdown we’re having in Lismore right now.… Read the rest

  • Hot Off The Presses

    Hot Off The Presses

    Since news broke this morning of a COVID-19 case at Lismore Base Hospital, the rumour mill has been running hot. 

    Through various messaging apps, I’ve been “reliably told” all manner of things about the case.… Read the rest

  • Vaccination


    As many of my friends and family know, I have NO problems going to sleep. I can fall asleep BEFORE take off on a plane. I can have a terrific micro-nap on the 304 bus between my place and Circular Quay.… Read the rest

  • Lovely Weekend

    Lovely Weekend

    It’s been an unexpectedly busy, but lovely weekend. As of Friday night, I had no plans for the weekend at all. But all of a sudden, a series of “spontaneous invitations” came through for lunch and dinner yesterday, and to catch up with my friend Kate, today.… Read the rest

  • Back to the office

    Back to the office

    “I haven’t ironed anything for months, and so this morning I was up at a quarter past six ironing a dress”, one of my colleagues said this morning.

    A group of us have received permission to come into the office on Wednesdays to do lots of the things which we simply can’t do working from home.… Read the rest

  • A cup of tea, a Bex, and a good lie down

    A cup of tea, a Bex, and a good lie down

    About the only time I ever have loose-leaf tea is when my colleague, Zoe makes it. Zoe has the office next to mine, and from time to time, she’ll say, “I’m having a cuppa.… Read the rest

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