Are You Still Here?

“Are you still here?”, I was asked earlier today by a former colleague from Sydney, now living near Lismore. “Do you really think I’d be heading back to Sydney right now?”, I replied.

Every day, there are several hundred new cases in Sydney, and every day most of the new cases involve people who have been infectious out and about in the community.

Every day I try to go out and about for a walk, sticking to the rules and weating a mask. It’s nice to get out of the house, and it’s important to try to “walk off” some of the many apple turnovers I’ve consumed from nearby Bowen’s Cake Shop!

Along the way I try to take some lovely photographs. Here are some photographs taken along the riverbank.

10 Replies to “Are You Still Here?”

  1. Love your pics and your posts….. thanks for sharing…. I use to go to Lismore when I was in the Army back in the 70s. Nice place to be much better than Sydney. Stay covid safe… I am in lockdown at Coffs Harbour. Cheers !

    1. Thanks Tiff! And hoping you’re doing okay too. These are difficult times, but they’re not the end of the world. A smile. A walk. Lots of great things to keep us all going.

  2. Great that you are safe and able to stay there. I was looking forward to a photo the apple turnover. Surely there is a blogging rule, whereby if delicious food is blogged about, there is an accompanying photo?

  3. Thanks for the great pictures. Always love reflections and especially the Richmond River area.

    1. Thanks Joye. Love being back here. Would like to spend some time at the Richmond River Historical Society, though sadly that’s not possible right now.

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