As many of my friends and family know, I have NO problems going to sleep. I can fall asleep BEFORE take off on a plane. I can have a terrific micro-nap on the 304 bus between my place and Circular Quay.

But I wasn’t quite prepared for the nap I’ve had after having the Astra Zeneca. Yes, I know it’s hard to believe, but I am OVER FIFTY.

At first, I felt quite good, but after a few hours, I became incredibly tired. I also started to feel a little dizzy. There was a bit of pain in my arm too, where I had the injection.

So I cancelled dinner at a friend’s place and went to bed, waking in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Then I woke up and went back to bad for basically the next 24 hours. I woke up Sunday morning feeling pretty good.

As I shared this story on social media, many friends had similar experiences.

My partner had exactly the same reaction!!!

I had the same. Wiped me out for a day or so. But it means it’s worked! 

I’m told this is the immune system kicking in. I was also tired after my Moderna x 2 here in California.

Falling to sleep easily must run in the family. I also drop off no problem. I had my first Asta jab six weeks ago and only felt mildly sleepy the following day. No sore arm either.

One of my mates had exactly the same reaction as you James. Fortunately I was fine after the jab.

Didn’t have any reaction other than the sore arm, and vaccines always seem to do that to me. Great way to get a good night’s sleep though, I guess it means it’s your immune system summoning up the response with a resounding, right people, this is not a drill. When in fact, it is.

Great to have this done at my local medical centre, without the need to travel long distances.

Sadly, there were no jelly beans at the medical centre.

2 responses to “Vaccination”

  1. matthew schiavello Avatar

    I was dreading the worst, but fortunately only had a minor headache and was sore all over the next day… some Ibuprofen saw me right heading into work… Only 10 more weeks till my second shot.. yay!

  2. James O'Brien Avatar

    Great to hear. Fingers crossed for the second shot. A friend on Facebook told me the second shot was worse. Hopefully not

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