The road from Griffith to Canberra

After our brief “delay” visiting DeBortoli’s at Handwood (and stacking the boot with discount wine), we began to make our way back home. Next stop was Canberra, for a Friday night catch-up with friends. It’s a fairly lengthy, but nonetheless pictureseque car trip. We stopped for lunch in the park at Binalong, munching on some of the yummy bread, cheese and salami we’d bought in Griffith.

Not far from Griffith is Barellan, home of sporting legend, Evonne Goolagong. It was also home, for a time to another sporting legend, Dawn Fraser who ran the pub.
We stopped off at Temora, which is home to a number of sporting legends, including the 1970s/1980s trotter, Paleface Adios. A friend of mine was also born there, and I sent him a message asking, “how come there isn’t a statue of you in the middle of town?” His reply was classic – “There was, but it was pulled down by leftist activists!”.
Travelling between Canberra and Sydney the other day, there was a sign alerting us to a traffic hazard ahead. Road closure? RBT? No, it was a dozen cars stopped over taking pics of canola. (I remember when it was called “rape”). Avoiding becoming a “traffic hazard” ourselves, we stopped and took a few photographs as we travelled also.
While there’s a lot of interest in canola fields right now, the big “colour” item west of the divide in NSW right now is Patterson’s Curse / Salvation Jane / Riverina Bluebell. It’s everywhere, and there’s a chance you’ll taste it in next year’s honey!
Lunch in the park in Binalong

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