February Socials

Conscious that I sometimes share material on other platforms that never makes “the cut” here on my blog, I will start sharing a few bits and pieces here also. These are the tweets, posts, and observations that still seem relevant at the end of each month. Lots of ephemera, but hopefully still quite entertaining.

Feb 4 : I had no idea until tonight there was an “original” unreleased version of the Diana Ross album, “Diana”. Upside Down/ComingOut/MyOldPiano etc. Chic did the original. Diana didn’t like it and had it remixed. The original is a bit sexier I think.

Feb 6 : Just had someone on Crown Street ask me for money. Twenty dollars. You mean two? No, I mean twenty, she said. Weimar republic inflation comes to Surry Hills.

Feb 7 : They really didn’t think this through, did they?
Woodland Cemetery in Stockholm

Feb 7 : Going through some old photographs from Sweden in 2013 and found this. Given the sub-zero temperatures these (presumably) young men endured to create this, you have to admire their commitment to art :)

Feb 8 : Doing some collaborative work with a colleague in Western Australia. Due to the three hour time-zone difference, she suggested I “take a siesta” and we can catch up later this afternoon. What an awesome idea!

Feb 9 : A friend is setting up her home internet with Android devices, TV and Laptop. “The guy from Geeks are us had to come back several times” she said. His answer was “You need Apple TV”. Dodgy and extracting income or plain incompetent?

Feb 10 : Gong hei fat choy

Feb 13 : Friend just told me she once asked for a medium steak, and the newish bar staff member replied, “Sorry, they only come in one size…”

Feb 15 : Currently researching a bit of the gay and lesbian history of Wagga in the early 90s. This made me laugh. Daily Advertiser 1953.

Feb 17 : Going into work on Wednesdays. Biggest downside? I can’t open the window to let the fresh air in.

Feb 18 : Personally, I hate it when friends and family share news stories on Facebook, especially when they’re stupid opinon pieces. My preference is for Facebook to be a place for baby, pet, and holiday photographs.

Feb 19 : Fondly remembering how I spent my Saturday nights twenty years ago.

Feb 22 : Waiting on the arrival in the mail of a DVD from the 90s. Neither my work nor home computers have a DVD player, and I’m not sure where my old DVD player is. OMG.

Feb 27 : Hey @MelanieTait
Having lunch with a friend, @gusworldau
and thought you would love this shirt he’s wearing.
Feb 28 : We’ve known each other 41 years, which was obviously before we were born. We went to school together in Lismore. Catching up in Newcastle.
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