It’s Christmas Again

The label on the tape says simply “Home 96 and Dreamworld”. Though I’m a little sketchy about what’s contained on “Home 96”, I know exactly what “Dreamworld” means. In the mid-80s (or thereabouts) we went on a family trip to the Gold Coast theme park and hired a video camera. I don’t think I have watched the tape in thirty years or more. 

Dream World 1980s

And so today, I paid a visit to Ted’s Camera House (now named “Ted’s World Of Imaging”) and asked them to digitise the recently discovered VHS tape. It won’t come cheap to have the video digitised, but I’m hoping the excellent quality of this awesome company will deliver some wonderful memories of the past. Gosh, I hope the tape is still playable, and I hope I haven’t taped over these timeless family memories.

In “ten working days” I hope to be able to report.

But the thing I noticed most about today in the city was how quiet it was. “It’s like Christmas Day”, I posted on Twitter.

Though it should be peak hour on the first day back at work, this was Elizabeth Street at about 5pm today.
And a little bit later, here’s Crown Street, Surry Hills.

And then I also noted this abomination. 

Everyone goes on about Easter Buns being for sale on Boxing Day. But I think this is the real scandal!

Seriously, fruitless Easter Buns!?

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  1. Hello James, is that you serving the Tina Turner t-shirt?
    Hope the tape digitises OK and provides many a happy memory.

  2. Tina tee = gay.

    It is very expensive to have such things made digital. I bought a second hand VHS tape player to convert the our tapes to DVDs. It was time consuming but the result was fine. I’d better think about converting the DVDs to digital cloud storage now. Surely cloud storage won’t go out of date???

  3. Yeah that’s my plan. The offer was for DVD, and then I said I’d prefer cloud or USB, and that was $20 extra, as I don’t have a DVD player anymore either. Once I have it as an mp4 or whatever, that will be good.

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