Back in Sydney

I’ve never seen Ballina Airport as busy as it was yesterday. Generally, I can turn up at security and be through within a couple of minutes. But yesterday, there was a lengthy queue, and inside the lounge was crowded.

Though I generally arrive well ahead of time, I caught up with a colleague from Sydney who is about to commence work at the local ABC Radio station in Lismore. It’s not like she’s a blow-in, having grown up in nearby Grafton, and she’ll be staying with her aunt at a nearby village.

Crowded conditions at Ballina Airport

Hopefully, I gave her some useful tips for both work and pleasure. “This is the third coolest bar in town”, I told her and her partner as we enjoyed a glass of wine at The Sherwood. “The new bar, The Levee, is super cool, and after that, you should check out the rooftop bar at The Metropole”, I told them. “The best coffee shop in town is Benchtop”, I told her, adding that the newly opened coffee shop, Blueys was also good. It was a lovely catchup.

Aside from the airport lounge, the flight back to Sydney was also pretty busy. I don’t think there was a free seat.

Flying in over the Hawkesbury
Flying in over Sydney Harbour

Flying in over Sydney was wonderful. Despite the heavy cloud, there were awesome views.

Though it’s only 24 hours, I’m enjoying being back in my apartment.

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