Plot Changes

I had the pleasure of seeing two fantastic films recently, each with its own unique appeal.

The first was “Of An Age,” a movie that almost lost me during the opening sequence with its frenetic pace and my lack of sympathy for the characters.

However, I’m so glad I stuck with it because the rest of the film unfolds at a much more leisurely pace and captures the heart of a young man who’s finally accepting his sexuality. The central character, Ari, struggles with his identity in a culturally diverse environment, and the story reminded me of other great films like “Loaded” and “Head On.”

Overall, I highly recommend “Of An Age,” but be patient with the first fifteen minutes.

The second film I saw was “Allelujah,” and I was expecting a light-hearted English comedy with a star-studded cast that included Judi Dench, Derek Jacobi, Russell Tovey, and Jennifer Saunders.

However, the film surprised me with a plot twist that, in hindsight, should have been more apparent given that it’s based on a play by the renowned playwright Alan Bennett.

“Allelujah” explores themes of aged care and is filled with memorable performances, including Saunders in a role that’s a departure from her usual comedic roles.

Despite the audience being mostly composed of seniors, the film’s themes are universal, and I’d highly recommend it to anyone who appreciates thoughtful storytelling.

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  1. Rod McAdam Avatar
    Rod McAdam

    Hello James,
    Saw ‘Of An Age’ back in August/Sept I think it was. Part of a touring package of MIFF films in Geelong. I enjoyed it too.
    Thanks for your review and recommendation of ‘Allelujah’. Looks good. Not screening anywhere in Geelong yet. A film I saw recently and really enjoyed very much – ‘The Blue Caftan’ from Morocco. I intend to see it again.

    1. James O'Brien Avatar

      I just read the precis for Blue Caftan. Sounds good.

      Halim and Mina run a traditional caftan store in one of Morocco’s oldest medinas. In order to keep up with demanding customers, they hire a talented young man as an apprentice. Slowly Mina realises how much her husband is moved by his presence.

  2. marcellous Avatar

    Oh yes, indeed, James. The first 15 minutes or so of “Of an Age” were truly trying basically for the reasons you mention, and then I could add a few. Difficult to redeem things after that.

    One detail I liked at the start, now a period touch, was parents knocking on teenagers’ [closed, naturally] bedroom doors when their friends phoned.

    1. James O'Brien Avatar

      We never got a phone until I was about 16, and it was in the hallway. Sadly, not a lot of room for private conversations. I think there was a segment in the film (or maybe I just made it up), where one of the characters had to check if another was on the phone, ahead of using the internet. I remember those days, too!

  3. Stuart Danker Avatar

    I haven’t seen “Of An Age” yet, but I’m definitely intrigued now that you’ve recommended it. It’s always great to hear about new movies that are worth watching, especially ones that tackle important issues like identity and acceptance.

    1. James O'Brien Avatar

      Thanks Stuart. Love reading your blog, too.

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