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There’s something super-exciting about putting on the “out of office” on your work email.

I’ve spent the last couple of days going through some of the practical considerations of my planned leave, such as making a list of everything that needs to be done while I’m away, sending emails in preparation, and making notes for (and chatting with) the person filling in while I’m away.

But when it comes to actually putting the alert on, and setting up the start and finish dates, it feels oh so good.

I’m taking a few days off this week, in anticipation of a forthcoming overseas holiday. The next few days will probably involve getting up later than usual, a few swims, and packing.

Oh, actually I don’t need to worry about the packing, as that’s mostly done.

As we’re heading to a warmer climate, we think we’ll be mostly fine to use carry-on luggage, with only a couple of shorts and shirts.

I’ve been planning this trip for months, and I can’t believe it’s finally here! In a few short days, I’ll be jetting off to Cambodia and Vietnam, two countries that have been on my bucket list for years. I’m travelling with a couple of friends on a small group tour we found on TripADeal which we think is extraordinarily good value. https://www.tripadeal.com.au/deals/4559-vietnam-cambodia-discovery

I’ve been doing a lot of research on both countries (though mostly more on Vietnam, since that’s where the bulk of the trip will be). I’ve also started doing Vietnamese on Duolingo. OMG, it’s a lot harder than Swedish!!

I’ll be sure to post updates on my blog as I travel. Unlike the last couple of years which has mostly involved travel to Lismore for family reasons, this is looking like great fun.

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  1. Extremely good value James. I’m paying almost $2,100 for 7 nights accommodation plus breakfast in Sydney next month. Bon voyage!!

  2. You will love both Vietnam and Cambodia James, fascinating countries. Enjoy !!

  3. Maybe not quite such a good deal as your Nexus package to China in 2014, but still pretty good value. You definitely have some canny travel-shopper friends!

    1. There is actually a 10-day China deal from TripADeal for $999 right now!! https://www.tripadeal.com.au/deals/4721-china-discovery In many ways, this is a better deal, we have more optional days. On a few days we’ve decided not to do the optional tours, and to do our own recreational stuff instead. It’s nice to have the structure of a tour, and then be able to do a bit of additional research. I have friends who do cruises for those reasons. But I don’t think I would like a boat cruise myself. But you never know.

  4. When I woke up this morning, I was a little confused. I didn’t know what time it was, even though the alarm had gone off. My usual instinct upon waking is to check my phone and see what’s happening in the world. I check Twitter, Facebook, my work email, and my personal email. However, today I couldn’t check my work email because I removed the app from my phone. It’s my first day of leave, and this time, I really want to take a break. The past couple of years have been intense, and I just want to relax and not think about work.

    So, I only had a few things in mind for today. One of them was to go back to sleep for a while and have a bit of a lie-in, maybe staying in bed until around 11 o’clock. After that, I got up and went into town. I had some lunch and visited the exhibition at State Parliament of the New South Wales fight exhibition, which I’ve previously blogged about. It was great to go back today. There were some tears and laughs when I saw the photographs of the many people from South Lismore, particularly my family and some individuals I know. Later, I went for a mid-afternoon swim, and it was awesome. Wednesdays seem quieter compared to the weekends, which is fantastic. I had to laugh because at one point, while looking around, I thought, “My God, I’m in a scene from the movie Cocoon!” You know, the film where older people go swimming and suddenly become young. Well, let me tell you, I was one of the youngest people there today.

    So yeah, it’s day one of my whole life, and I feel great.

  5. I absolutely love the idea of removing the work email app from your phone while on leave – this is genius!

    Have a wonderful time! I loved both countries – I’m sure you will have a blast.

    I always love your holiday blogs, really looking forward to reading along!

  6. Woop woop, it’s been a few days since this post, so I hope you’re in Southeast Asia already! So rare to see WordPress friends being in this part of the world, so it’s always great to know when someone’s travelling in the general vicinity. Enjoy your time around!

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