He’s Conscious

“He’s conscious!“, was the affirmation my neighbor remembers most from when she, some other friends, and eight emergency service workers made their way into my apartment a couple of Friday nights ago. I had missed an important work deadline. As a result, friends and family were concerned about my welfare, and when they knocked on my door, without response, they called the police.

As a journalist for several decades, I’m pretty good at meeting deadlines. Each weekend, I do three hours of pre-recorded radio. I don’t recall if I actually completed the programs for the weekend, but when I missed the deadline to send them through, there were concerned phone calls and emails, and finally a call to the police.

Drama in the back laneway

Since arriving back from Cambodia and Vietnam, I had been feeling unwell. I’d put it down to general illness, or maybe COVID. More seriously, an infection was taking over my body, and in particular my foot. The infection on my foot became gangrenous, and eventually led to a below-the-knee amputation.

Having a nap at St Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney

My nieces and an “army” of other friends have been amazing throughout this, with both emotional and practical support. Such deep love and commitment.

Eating a Swedish cinnamon bun at St Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney

I’m grateful to be alive, and I’m looking forward to the future. More posts to follow, of course.

11 Replies to “He’s Conscious”

  1. So pleased to see that you are feeling much better, I was wondering why there was no emails from you. You do not know me, I got caught up with you when you wrote about the bakery closing down, have been reading your delightful emails ever since. I do hope that you will be OK, but I’am sure that with the love you have from your family, friends, neighbours and many more, that you will get over this rapidly.
    Penny 🌹😘

  2. Oh wow. We are both so shocked. Our sincere best wishes and we hope you make a steady recovery down whatever path is mapped out for you.

  3. James! OMGWTF! This is so shocking and horrifying!

    I’m so glad you’re on the road to recovery.

    Sending you all the love, hugs and very good wishes xxxxx

  4. Oh James! Such terrifying news. You sound so courageous about it all. You are so fortunate to have a wonderful, strong nature and a host of loving family and friends. My very heartfelt best wishes for your recovery. Cousin (much removed) Judith.

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