Little Things

In the grand scheme of things these tasks seem simple, but I was especially proud today of myself for simply making a cup of tea and going to the bathroom.

The occupational therapist came to visit this moning to help with further training as part of the rehabilitation process.

Currently, I can get myself from the hospital bed to the kermode, but I still need assistance getting to the toilet. To reduce the risk of injury, I also require supervision.

Today’s exercise was all about building capacity for me to get myself to and from the bathroom. It’s all about slowing down and thinking ahead through the different steps, I realised.

My mind started thinking about those times in the middle of the night when I’ve gone to the bathroom in the dark, half conscious, and with my eyes almost closed. “I won’t be able to do that anymore”, I thought to myself.

With that exercise complete, the occupational therapist asked if I would like a cup of tea. After saying “yes please”, she said to me, “you’ll have to make it yourself”, and so we headed then to nearby hospital kitchen.

As with going to the toilet, I needed to break down the exercise into smaller steps. When you’re standing up and supporting yourself with one harm, you need to carefully think about things, such as reaching up for some things (tea bags) and down for others (cups, milk, kettle). There were, maybe, three or four different movements involved in making the cup of tea.

On top of that, the risks associated with a potentially slippery kitchen floor, for example.

Hospital lunch today wasa tuna and rice salad, which was very tasty.

Though it’s still several weeks away, I’m starting to think about the assistance I might need when I return home. To avoid those slippery floors, I’ll need someone to assist with cleaning. Due to the risk of injuring myself, and the complexity of things, I’ll likely need someone to help with meal preparation.

I can use a microwave, so that won’t be a problem, but I’ll probably organise one of those home meal delivery plans for the short-term at least. If you have any recommendations in that space, it would be appreciated, especially for plans which understand the needs of diabetics.

To be starting to think about returning home is a remarkable thing. Five weeks ago I was found semi-conscious by friends and neighbours, and whisked off to hospital with the support of emergency services. Words cannot describe the gratitude I feel for everything that’s happened to get me to this stage.

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  1. Hello James, I can’t begin to imagine how it must be to be in your situation, but from reading your posts these recent days, you are doing remarkably well. Good on you. Your positivity and determination will see you through it. Thank you for keeping us up to date with your amazing progress. Very best wishes.

    1. Thanks Rod for your comments and wishes. I’m not sure if the progress is either amazing or remarkable, but I am happy (and so are the medical staff) with how it’s all going. I’m very mindful of being in a pretty privileged position with excellent first world health care which is helping, and having friends, family and workplace support, and the great comments here. Six weeks ago I was in Cambodia and observing people whose limbs were removed due to landmine explosions, and I can’t begin to imagine what they went through. Hopefully these posts will help people who might have similar experiences to my own, and of course be a nice reminder for myself about what has happened.

  2. It sounds like it has been hard work, but you are getting there. Great work! xx

  3. Hi James,
    Sounds like you are really trying very hard getting it all together, it must be very hard at times for you, but I think you are incredibly strong to have got this far, considering it was such a short time ago.
    James, I get “Lite n’ Easy”meals for Laurie, he doesn’t eat much but their meals are quite OK, it is very handy to have some of their meals on hand, especially their pitzza, as you can add whatever you like to them, prawns, salami etc; so have a look, there are numerous site’s you can look at.
    Keep on feeling like you are, as I feel that you are going to come out of all of this “flying” !! 🤗

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