Putting It All Together

The need for an early morning pee woke me yesterday morning half way through a dream. In the dream, I was seated in a car alongside a colleague, heading towards the ABC studio located in Lismore. Our route, however, involved a detour via a non-existant bakery at North Lismore. “This spot used to be a newsagent and garage, which dad and I used to visit every morning” I told my colleague. There was nothing about the dream that was alarming or exciting.

Over breakfast, however, realised this was the first “proper” dream I’ve had in the last five weeks, or at least the first “proper” dream I can recall. All the others have been a little weird, influenced by the pain relief drugs.

Have settled into a breakfast routine.

Another “conventional” dream I had this morning found me vacationing in Hobart. It was the first instance in a dream where I consciously aware of my missing limb.

As well as the metaphorical, this dream perhaps holds a more literal interpretation, reflecting my ongoing conscious thoughts and concerns about future travel plans. I was planning on visiting Hobart this year, but that’s clearly not going to happen in the short-term at least. So, maybe the dream was my unconscous way od starting to “scope out” something extremely relevant to my conscious state?

This week has brought news of my successful application for assistance under the National Disability Insurance Scheme. While the extent of coverage remains unclear, we will have a “planning meeting” in the next couple of weeks.

We also had a meeting this week with the people who will actually make the prosthesis for the bottom half of my right leg. Intellectually fascinating, as well as of personal interest, we talked about everything from construction techniques to the import of certain components from Germany, and of course, how it attaches to my body.

At the meeting, I told the story of friend of a friend, Lisa. Crystal Love, a transgender performer, originally from the Tiwi Islands, who boasts a leopard skin print prosthesis, matching Crystal’s dark coloured skin.

In keeping with the idea, one of the team suggested laser-printed leg hair to match my other leg. “I’m happy with pale-skinned white bloke”, I told them.

Following a process of “shrinking” the limb (a technique to ensure optimal fit), a fitting session will follow, culminating in the crafting of the prosthesis. There will then be some further modification, if needed.

In next week, a home assessment is slated, aimed at evaluating the accessibility of my apartment, and what we might need to do to make moving home as simple as possible.

After several weeks where not much has happened, as my body has been healing, it all seems to speeding along now.

The week ended with a lovely visit from Ross and Andrea. But not just a visit, Andrea also made some decorations for my hospital space.

You may recall the wonderful gift I received last week of a book (and associated paper) about origami.

It’s a lot harder than I thought it would be, amd so far I’ve only completed one piece, and I’m quite proud of it. I’m a “visual learner”, and have relied more heavily on Youtube than the instruction book. That’s why I’ve held back on an initial commitment to make pieces with all my visitors.

Andrea was an exchange student for a year in Japan, and is creatively inclined (she makes poterry). Voila, here are a couple of pieces she made which have pride of place above my hospital bed.

PS. I also had an unexpected visit by a reader of this blog, who I first met 16 years ago. It was such a delight.

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