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“There have been a couple of times when I’ve felt a bit sad”, I told one of the doctors today. I added that it was because of the COVID isolation, not my medical condition.

I’m mindful of the fact other people have lived through longer, more sustained (sometimes lifetime) periods of isolation. In comparison I have nothing, really, to complain about.

During the seven days confined in a closed room, I found comfort in my ‘good neighbors’ who were happy to communicate without overwhelming me. The ability to open the window and let fresh air and outside sounds inside also made the experience bearable. The supportive staff understood our struggles, having been through similar situations, if not worse, before. I’ve been able to keep up communication with friends and family through calls and video.

This morning, when the staff announced the end of our COVID isolation, I felt genuine elation. The window was wide open, and the breeze from Sydney brought a sense of freedom that was much-needed. I relished every moment of breathing in the fresh air.

James’ chair. Looking out the window at Victoria Street

Today was a day filled with enthusiasm, especially during my time at the gym. It’s a rare occasion for me to be so excited about exercise.

Most importantly, I can have visitors once more, which brought immense happiness.

After work, a couple of friends visited and took me for a walk downstairs into the garden. I’m not allowed to go any further at the moment. And they needed to officially sign me out. It was lovely catching up.

In the midst of all this, I paused halfway through my lunch, realizing how memorable these moments are.

Chicken for lunch : the tastiest hospital meal I’ve had so far.

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  1. The meal looks so good.
    Seven days of isolation is certainly playing it on the safe side, which I guess in a medical setting, has to be the way.

    1. Had a meeting today with the dietician who provided advice on the menu, and she mentioned they have something similar everyday on the menu, so will keep an eye out.

  2. Freedom has numerous definitions. In your case it was a breath of fresh air, a garden and a seeing real person you know well. The next version will be even more exciting! Your positivity is having an impact through this blog. Thanks James.

  3. Good to hear you’re progressing and keeping positive – that can be very difficult in recovering from such life altering circumstances. I like to think of the line from the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel – it will be alright in the end, if it’s not alright, it’s not the end.

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