Drink Fluids

My head was spinning, my vision blurred, and I even experienced a bout of vomiting, when I woke this moring. Thankfully, the vomit was limited to a nearby t-shirt. This was a far cry from my previous hospital visit when my niece exclaimed, “there was vomit EVERYWHERE.”

For a good half hour, I was genuinely frightened, uncertain about what might unfold next.

Last night, my blood sugar levels had been well within the normal range, but my first thought naturally gravitated towards the possibility of high or low blood sugar levels.

I was unable to check immediately, as my diabetes testing unit was located in the lounge room. In my desperation, I turned to Google via the home speaker, receiving responses that suggested it could have been either high or low blood sugar. Thanks Google!

Seeking counsel from my niece, who is a nurse, over the phone, she thought low blood pressure might be the culprit, possibly linked to dehydration. She advised me to muster the strength to make my way to the lounge room and perform the diabetes test.

Getting to the lounge room proved a bit challenging, as I grappled with apprehensions about navigating with my prosthetic leg, fearing I might stumble. Fortunately, my wheelchair was within reach, allowing me to maneuver onto it, making it to the lounge room.

The result of the blood sugar level test, reassuringly, fell within the normal range.

As my symptoms began to abate, I thought a cup of tea might settle my stomach and calm my nerves. To my chagrin, I discovered that vomiting can also result from drinking fluids too hastily, which was precisely what I did. Again.

A while later, I administered my insulin shot, took my medications, and settled for a light breakfast, further improving my condition.

After a brief nap on the couch, I felt my strength returning.

By the time the new support worker arrived for an introductory meeting, I was up and about. He’ll be visiting twice a week to assist with various tasks, from accompanying me to medical appointments to helping tidy up the house.

My house is currently a fairly chaotic blend of work-related boxes due to an ongoing restructuring and office redesign, so that will be a significant project for he and I to tackle, making my living space more manageable.

Sadly, I had to cancel a lunchtime reunion with a former colleague and friend, which was disappointing since it’s a monthly Friday tradition I eagerly anticipate. As I continue to recover, I’m eagerly looking forward to an early dinner with some neighbors.

Upon reflection, it’s become clear that this morning’s ordeal stemmed from my failure to consume enough fluids yesterday. Throughout tday, I’ve made a concerted effort to stay hydrated by drinking water regularly, hoping to prevent a recurrence of this experience. I’ll also be seeing my local doctor on Monday for a referral visit from the hospital.


I later discovered this was more likely the cause. https://jamesobrien.id.au/2023/11/hospital-food-2/

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  1. That must have been quite terrifying…hopefully it won’t take too much to get the right dietary routine sorted for food as well as fluids…xo

  2. Very scary – glad you’re okay! I expect it will take some time to adjust to the new ways of being, be kind to yourself :)

    The NDIS is wonderful – an absolutely brilliant use of our tax dollars!

  3. Thanks Jacki and Carol. Yes, it was a bit scary. I was sick again this morning. Blood sugar levels are absolutely fine, so concluding it’s blood pressure. Seeking my GP on Monday and will raise with her. Drinking lots of water, but maybe medication is needed? Ah well, one of life’s many challenges, and I’m sure things will settle down.

  4. I’ve just done a week long walk of a section of the French Camino and I wish I could send a photo. Every path is rocky and treacherous in one way or another. The end is in sight, but it’s not the end. We just keep going and take pleasure in the doing and some real aha moments. Your journey seems to me, reading, to be similar. I hope there are more pleasure points soon.

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