Passage to Pusan

I was moved by the comments of the Korean Ambassador, as he spoke passionately about the profound effect of the Korean War. He talked about how people from all around the world came to a country they hardly knew existed, and for their efforts, the people of Korea remain grateful. I was the opening of [...]

World Press Photography

I'm not sure what it says about me, but I found the photographs of animals far more compelling than those of humans. I'm talking about the World Press Photography exhibition, currently showing at the State Library of NSW. The annual exhibition often features photographs of people in desperate situations around the world, fighting wars, living [...]

Magasin III

I haven’t visited as many galleries on this trip as I’d planned. Before coming I did a fair bit of research about some of the contemporary galleries of Stockholm, and had copious notes, but really only ended up visiting one. Magasin III is a contemporary art space located in what seem like, largely, an industrial [...]

Hawkesbury One

Hawkesbury One exhibition opening in Newcastle

As I'm in the midst of helping a family member move their website from something created in the 1990s using a form of software no longer supported to WordPress, I've reflected on some of my own previous website incarnations. I've decided it was time to backup/move over the website for Hawkesbury One, an art collective [...]