Surry Hills Pottery

Back Laneway

"Do you mind if I pop in and take a few photographs?", I asked the bloke with legs covered in clay, as I walked around the back laneway of the street where I live. "I have a couple of colleagues who are really into pottery, and I'd love to show them what you're doing", I … Continue reading Back Laneway

UNSW Art & Design 2016

Beer, Wine and Being 18+

"Are you having beer or wine?, the man supervising the bar queue for tonight's exihibition at UNSW Art & Design asked me. When I told him wine, he said, "come with me", escorting me to the front of the lengthy queue. Tonight, it seems almost everyone was drinking beer, and so if you wanted wine, … Continue reading Beer, Wine and Being 18+

Pamela Leung in Post Graduate Exhibition 2016 at National Art School, Sydney

NAS Post Graduate Exhibition 2016

"After four years at art school, and that's the best they can do? It's outrageous", my friend said tonight as we commented on one of the works on display at the National Art School's annual exhibition in Sydney. My other friend was a little more comfortable with the work. "I think it's possibly one of … Continue reading NAS Post Graduate Exhibition 2016


Primavera 2016

Though I've never heard her referred to as Lucy Hughes Turnbull before, the phrase was repeated several times at the official opening of this year's Primavera at the Museum of Contemporary Art. I kept thinking Hillary Rodham Clinton. Lucy, of course, has had her own career in politics on the Sydney City Council, and I … Continue reading Primavera 2016


Sunday in Sydney

Some photographs from a few hours with Kate, spent visiting Circular Quay, the Sydney Opera House, and the current Kaldor public art project by Jonathan Jones in Sydney's Botanic Gardens. Twenty years after moving to Sydney, I never get tired of visiting the area. It still makes me go "wow".

Vile Bodies at White Rabbit

Vile Bodies at White Rabbit

As I've mentioned here previously, I'm a huge fan of Sydney's White Rabbit Gallery. Dedicated to works made in the 21st century, the White Rabbit Collection is owned by Judith Neilson, who was inspired to establish it on a 2001 trip to Beijing. Judith and her husband are seriously wealthy, and they've made a wonderful … Continue reading Vile Bodies at White Rabbit

Surry Laneway

Village Voices by Astra Howard

There's a lane-way not far from where I live which I've walked through literally thousands of times. Previously on this blog I've complained its a lane-way many men will often pop into for a quiet wee late at night. It's also a lane-way where homeless people will stop to rest for the night. A few … Continue reading Village Voices by Astra Howard