bob hawke

Simpler Times

“I don’t remember us wearing our pants THAT high in the 80s”, I said to my friends as the “glass boy” walked past us at the Bob Hawke Beer & Leisure Centre (aka the Bob Hawke Brewery at Marrickville). … Read the rest

Penny Arcade at Giant Dwarf

Penny Arcade

I was a little surprised to see Bob and Blanche in the audience last night at “Giant Dwarf”. Though, I’ve seen them at heaps of theatre events around Sydney, it’s often been at the “top end of town”, whereas “Giant Dwarf” is a little more down-market, and it’s a little more “alternative”.… Read the rest

The team who helped produce - China the New Long March

The New Long March

In a mid-afternoon text message, a friend, currently researching a documentary, asked me if I had any contact details for Bob Hawke. Laughing out loud, I rang her back and said, “Yes, I do, he’s standing right next to me”.… Read the rest