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  • Canberra Trip

    Canberra Trip

    As I sat on the bus this afternoon, for just a moment, I thought I might have a double-seat to myself. And even though I did my best to “look fat and grumpy” a bloke, a rather cute one admittedly, ended up sitting next to me.… Read the rest

  • All Day Eating

    All Day Eating

    After rising late, we headed off to Fyshwick for lunch. Yes, Fyschwick, the suburb name you most commonly associate with furniture warehouses, firecrackers, brothels and porn, now has a restaurant as well.… Read the rest

  • Sydney to Canberra

    Sydney to Canberra

    I can’t remember the last time I got a nightclub stamp. Aside from the first glow-in-the-dark stamp I received twenty years or so ago from Tracks nightclub in Brisbane, nightclub stamps are mostly fairly forgettable.… Read the rest

  • The Night I Met Eartha

    The Night I Met Eartha

    I worked today. It was an early start, meaning I had to be at work at about 4.30am. Along the way I picked up the newspapers from the Taylor Square Newsagency.… Read the rest

  • Visiting Canberra

    Visiting Canberra

    It’s amazing how quickly you start to tense up, as I did last night (and this morning, and this afternoon), when I got a couple of those “I’m sick and can’t make it” phone calls.… Read the rest

  • The Bush Capital

    The Bush Capital

    As you travel between Sydney and Canberra, the impact of the drought is fairly self-evident. I mean, there are “green droughts” where all looks okay on the surface, but deep down the soil is dry.… Read the rest