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  • The Vinyl Lounge

    The Vinyl Lounge

    As I entered the room (a few minutes late) they were playing some early-70s rock music from Rod Argent. Shortly afterwards, they played some Captain Beefheart. “Oh dear, this is not my kind of music”, I thought to myself.… Read the rest

  • National Portrait Gallery

    National Portrait Gallery

    One of the really great things about the National Portrait Gallery in Canberra is that you already “know” so many of the people. And as you already come to the works with feelings about the individuals, I think you experience a greater connection with the works than you might otherwise experience walking around an art gallery.… Read the rest

  • Toasted Sandwich on the Menu

    Toasted Sandwich on the Menu

    At one of the entrances to Monster, a restaurant/bar in Canberra, there’s a row of bicycles. For a brief second I wondered if they might have been the bicycles used by the staff to get to and from the restaurant, though I quickly concluded they were probably there “for effect”.… Read the rest

  • Who Was Alan Harrington?

    Who Was Alan Harrington?

    “Who was Alan Harrington?”, I asked the waiter at the Charcoal Restaurant in Canberra last night. “I’ve never met him”, she told me, “But I’ve met his son. He came here from the age of one”, she added.… Read the rest

  • Australian Of The Year and Australia Day Concert

    Australian Of The Year and Australia Day Concert

    Although my friend told me the forecast was for conditions which would be “stinking hot”, I work a jacket just in case. A warm afternoon in Canberra can often turn into a cold night, and I had visions of walking home in the freezing cold after attending the Australia Day Concert.… Read the rest

  • Bush Capital

    Bush Capital

    I love all the parkland in Canberra. I love the fact that, as I walked to the Dickson Shops to grab a bite to eat, I could walk through stands of gum trees.… Read the rest

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