Sydney to Canberra

Much of the day was spent in transit. By the time you get to the airport and relax, and then take a flight, and recover at the other end (checking into the hotel), it takes up the best part of the day, even if the flight is only short.

Many years ago, while working in Canberra, I took a weekend flight to Sydney. I was presenting the Late Morning Show on what was then 2CN (now ABC Radio Canberra).… Read the rest “Sydney to Canberra”

One Night in Canberra

“These are the reason I haven’t worn a watch in about twenty years”, I told Sue, as we wandered around the ABC Studio at Old Parliament House, now the “Museum Of Australian Democracy”.

I was referring to something commonly known as a “bulk eraser”, though they probably had a more formal name. In the days before extensive digital storage, audio (and video) tape was commonly re-used. That’s part of the reason why many episodes of classic radio and television programs no longer exist.… Read the rest “One Night in Canberra”


I had the most fantastic nap this afternoon. I caught the bus from Canberra, and was asleep before we even left the city limits. When I woke, we were already at Liverpool. In preference to the train, or a car, or a plane, I really like the bus trip between Sydney and Canberra. Although it’s a little longer than driving, it’s faster than the train, and probably on a par with a plane, by the time you take into account getting to and from the airport at either end, as well as take-off and landing.… Read the rest “Canberra”

Ain’t it good to be back home again…

After a month of travelling back and forward between Sydney and Canberra (for work), it’s terrific to be back at home. Hotel rooms are lovely, but there’s nothing like the feeling of being in your own bed and having your own “stuff” around you.

Lots of signs around Canberra in support of marriage equality
Lots of signs around Canberra in support of marriage equality

For those who do it more regularly, it must be a difficult life. There was a moment a couple of weeks ago, as I looked around the breakfast room at one of the hotels I stayed at, and I looked at all of the single men sitting by themselves having breakfast, I realised how lonely that kind of life must be.… Read the rest “Ain’t it good to be back home again…”

History Repeats

“Are you related to one of the cast?”, I was asked by one of the women on the door, handing out tickets for the ANU student production of “The History Boys”. “No, I’m just in town for the week and looking for nice things to do, and this seems like fun”, I told her. On top of that, “The History Boys” is a wonderful play and film, and so when I saw it listed on Eventbrite as playing this week in Canberra, I bought a ticket straight away.… Read the rest “History Repeats”