catherine croll

Between Two Worlds

I really love the train trip between Sydney and Newcastle, except of course when there’s track work, and you’re transported by bus instead. It’s only happened to me once. The train trip is, by world standards, already quite slow (almost three hours to travel 150 km), but when you also have to get on and off buses as well, it becomes quite tedious.… Read the rest

Paper Tiger

If you like the 1970s, music, art, politics and Sydney, you’ll like this exhibition currently at the National Art School. Made this video for my friend (Cathy/Kate), who has work in it, but couldn’t attend the opening, as she is currently working in remote WA.… Read the rest

Bryden Williams - China Is Real

Gallery Tuesday

The phone call from my friend Kate came at about 5.30 this afternoon. “What are you doing? Have you already left work?”

By chance I HAD already left work, and was on my way home.… Read the rest

Crossing Boundaries – Chinese New Year Exhibition in Sydney

Chinese New Year Exhibition in Sydney

I had a fantastic time last night at the opening night of “Crossing Boundaries – Chinese New Year Exhibition in Sydney”, curated by my friend Kate.

As part of the exhibition opening, Kate introduced many of the exhibiting artists, noting the culturally diverse background of the artists.… Read the rest

Asian Arts - Chatter from Above

Australian Arts in Asia

“That’s fantastic! Do you mind if I take a photograph of your shoes?”, I said to the woman nearby as I noticed her taking off her high-heeled shoes only to replace them with some similarly glamorous flats.… Read the rest