Between Two Worlds

I really love the train trip between Sydney and Newcastle, except of course when there’s track work, and you’re transported by bus instead. It’s only happened to me once. The train trip is, by world standards, already quite slow (almost three hours to travel 150 km), but when you also have to get on and off buses as well, it becomes quite tedious.

Over the course of three hours, however, you have time to think about life, look out the windows at the scenery, and catch up on some listening, reading, watching and writing.… Read the rest “Between Two Worlds”

Combat Wombat

The first time I saw them play live was in May 2005. In the midst of a week of seeing live performances by popera group, Il Divo and cabaret singer, Tim Draxl, I also saw the Australian hip-hop band, Combat Wombat. They were launching their debut at Sydney’s legendary live music venue, now closed, The Hopetoun Hotel.

Combat Wombat at The Hopetoun in May 2005

“Why would I be attending a hip-hop band’s album launch?”,… Read the rest “Combat Wombat”

Gallery Tuesday

The phone call from my friend Kate came at about 5.30 this afternoon. “What are you doing? Have you already left work?”

By chance I HAD already left work, and was on my way home.

It didn’t need much convincing, however, for me to backtrack and to head towards the new Central Park development for two new art exhibitions Kate was asked to open.

The first was in a pop-up arts space on the third floor of the new shopping centre.… Read the rest “Gallery Tuesday”