Things I’ve Seen Lately

On behalf of everyone in Sydney, I felt so incredibly embarrassed recently. Though I don’t subscribe to that whole Melbourne/Sydney rivalry thing (both are terrific cities), I know that many people in Melbourne believe Sydney-siders are an uncouth bunch of yobbos. A gross generalisation, of course, and if you look at the stats, Sydney-siders are more likely to go to an art gallery than a footy-match.

But I felt a slight cringe recently when I went to see a band visiting from Melbourne called “James Ellis and The Jealous Guys”.… Read the rest “Things I’ve Seen Lately”

Queer Stories

Although I’ve lost track of the number of “story-telling nights”, I’ve attended in my life, I know there’s always been a “dud story”. A story without meaning. A story without a proper end. A story that just goes nowhere. That wasn’t the case at Queer Stories, held Friday night at Sydney’s Giant Dwarf Theatre.

Starting off with the bloke from England, talking about being an “outsider” as a child. Now, living in Australia, he’s told his works are “too gay” for mainstream art.… Read the rest “Queer Stories”

The Moth in Sydney

When asked to choose a team name in keeping with the theme “borders”, I chose “Coolangatta Gold”. Admittedly, it’s a rather obscure reference to a 1980s film which starred Colin Friels, Robin Kevin, Grant Kenny and others about ironman events. As such, I thought it was a great way to encompass the interests of my friend (film and ocean swimming) and of course for me, coming from the NSW North Coast, I was well aware of the significance of Coolangatta being on the border of NSW and Queensland.… Read the rest “The Moth in Sydney”

Penny Arcade

I was a little surprised to see Bob and Blanche in the audience last night at “Giant Dwarf”. Though, I’ve seen them at heaps of theatre events around Sydney, it’s often been at the “top end of town”, whereas “Giant Dwarf” is a little more down-market, and it’s a little more “alternative”.

Last night’s show was by Penny Arcade, the New York-based performance artist with ties to Warhol / The Factory etc back in the 1960s.… Read the rest “Penny Arcade”

Friday Night

“You know what’s wrong with the media?”, I said to my friend (and fellow media worker) when we met for dinner last night. “They’ve got no idea. I just went into the pub across the road and the barmaid said to me she was so happy Oscar Pistorius had been found guilty. ‘He thought he was fuckin OJ’, she said. And yet it wasn’t half way through the Channel 9 News, after stories about other stuff I can’t remember, and no one was paying any attention, until that story about Pistorius came on.”,… Read the rest “Friday Night”