What’s News?

This is a busy week for me. I’m going to see a movie tomorrow night (a preview of the new “Terminator movie”); I’m having a joint “Birthday Dinner” on Thursday night with a friend (we have a birthdays a fortnight apart, so we’re celebrating in the middle), and on Friday night, I’m going to the “Andrew Olle Media Lecture”. So yeah, lots to write about.

But tonight I’m at home, listening to music and reflecting on the talk I just attended at the University of Technology Sydney, by Richard Gingras, who is Vice President of “Google News”.… Read the rest “What’s News?”

Google 4 Media Day

The view from the sixth floor cafe at Google HQ in Sydney is pretty damn good. Along with about 150 others, I participated today in a “Google 4 Media Day” held there which ended with a couple of glasses of wine. It was a lovely day in Sydney, with a nice breeze, and the perfect end to an interesting day.

Organised by the Media Team at Google here in Sydney, there was an obvious PR element to the day, as we were encouraged to use Youtube, Google+, Hangouts, Earth and other Google products.… Read the rest “Google 4 Media Day”