Juanita Nielsen Walking Tour

“I never knew about the dossiers”, I told friends as we sat and enjoyed a beer at the iconic “Bourbon and Beefsteak” in Sydney’s Kings Cross last night.

We were chatting, relaxing and reflecting, having just been on a historical walking tour related to the 1975 death of 38-year old journalist, Juanita Nielsen. 

Juanita Nielsen (nee Smith) was an Australian heiress to the Mark Foy’s retail fortune. In the 1970s Nielsen was the publisher of NOW, an alternative newspaper in the Sydney suburb of Kings Cross, New South Wales, where she lived.

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Recent Views

Though it can sometimes be cold, wet and miserable in Sydney during winter, it can also be totally awesome. And yesterday, in the midst of our visit to the NAIDOC Week Arts Festival, I took a brief walk out in the sunshine. I sat down, I closed my eyes, and just enjoyed the awesomeness of a clear winter day.

And as I opened my eyes, I noticed there was a new bar and restaurant at the Overseas Passenger Terminal.… Read the rest “Recent Views”

Kings Cross Stories

Though there have been a few of these before-hand, focussing on the 50s, 60s and 70s, I’ve only only recently discovered “Kings Cross Stories”.

The event is described thus:

Join iconic and ‘ordinary’ locals as they bring Kings Cross’ unique character to life with stories, live music and film. This special series produced by artist and performer, Vashti Hughes, will take us on a journey through the decades. Going back to the 1980s, the Cross is still the place to let your hair down.

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Two Delightful Hours

If you would have asked me yesterday if I was keen to attend a gallery opening in a Kings Cross car park, I would have definitely said no.

For the past week I’ve been pretty crook. I haven’t been sleeping well. I haven’t been eating well. I swear, I have the world’s biggest cold sore on my lip. I left work early on Friday, and spent most of the long weekend in bed sleeping trying to recover from whatever illness this is.… Read the rest “Two Delightful Hours”