magnus carlsson

Disco on Parramatta Road, Lewisham

Disco Ball

I thought for a moment I was in a Swedish disco tonight.

I’d just left the Lewisham Hotel which is my regular Wednesday night venue with friends.

As I walked towards the bus, I’d put my headphones on, and was listening to some Magnus Carlsson, one of my favourite Swedish pop singers.… Read the rest

Absinthe Bar at The Clarion in Gavle

Gävle och Sandviken

I was almost late for the ABBA tribute concert tonight in Sandviken, near Gavle, north of Uppsala in Sweden. As much as I love ABBA, this wasn’t, however, the attraction to move out of Stockholm for a couple of days.… Read the rest

Ahlens at T-Centralen


There’s a real contrast between where I’m staying (on the coast) and the centre of Stockholm at the moment.

On the coast, there’s snow and ice everywhere. But in the centre of town, it’s all but gone, except for in some of the parklands.… Read the rest

The grand finale

Artister spelar för livet

My love of Swedish pop music actually predates ABBA. Even though I didn’t know it was Swedish at the time, one of my earliest favourite songs was “Hooked On A Feeling” by the band, “Blue Swede” featuring Björn Skifs.… Read the rest

The ice continues to break up

Sno och sol

It’s late in the afternoon, it’s four degrees and it’s sunny. In fact, you could almost say it was warm. The weather is in stark contast to yesterday when it snowed for most of the day.… Read the rest