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  • Dansbandskampen

    So how did I spend my 44th birthday?

    Well it was a Monday, so I went to work, and dealt with some of the more mundane aspects of my job.

    And then after work, a couple of colleagues and I went out for a drink (or three).… Read the rest

  • Loud Headphones

    “Oh God, what have I been listening to?” was my response when I realised on the bus tonight the headphone plug on my phone was loose, and that I had been giving everyone else a taste of my musical collection.… Read the rest

  • Love Life by Alcazar

    At the risk of boring you with more Swedish pop, here’s min favouriter at the moment. I’ve loved the song for ages, but have only just discovered this clip on the youtube thingy…

    Rest assured, the song is in English.… Read the rest

  • Sunday Before Christmas

    Sunday Before Christmas

    It’s Sunday night and I’m having a cup of tea of sorts. Well, not so much a cup of a tea, more a herbal infusion, whatever that means. And even though it’s called a “herbal” infusion I’m sure it can’t be all that healthy.… Read the rest

  • Almost Swedish

    As I walked home tonight past the Goulburn Street Police Centre, I noticed “Mamma Mia” (the movie) was screening in the window of a real estate agent, opposite. “How odd”, I thought to myself, as it was on one of those screens normally reserved for real estate advertisements, where they have replaced the traditional photographs and cards with a multi-media extravaganza.… Read the rest

  • Melancholy Baby

    Melancholy Baby

    I don’t exactly know how it happened, but it’s happened: sometime in the last week or so I became addicted to Swedish pop-jazz-rock group, Bo Kaspers Orkester. This, of course, replaces my previous week’s addition to the work of Swedish pop singer, Magnus Carlsson.… Read the rest