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  • Travel Planning

    Travel Planning

    “I’ve got a spread-sheet listing accommodation, transportation and entertainment on a day to day basis”, I told Damien when we chatted online today. “I’m sure you have”, he replied. I think Damien thinks I tend to overplan things, whereas my friend Graeme thinks I underplan things.… Read the rest

  • Swedish Concerts

    Swedish Concerts

    There’s a fabulous new clip on Youtube of Helen Sjöholm singing “You Have To Be There” from the musical Kristina.

    It’s a song I first became aware of in the mid 90s as a the Swedish song “Du Måste Finnas”, literally, “You Must Exist”.… Read the rest

  • Big Ticket Day

    Big Ticket Day

    It’s always lovely going to the Opera House, and especially so tonight with Michaela.

    It was light when we arrived and dark when we left.

    We were there to see the “Year In Review” Comedy Gala, hosted by James O’Loghlin and featuring the likes of Wil Anderson (as funny as ever), Fiona O’Loghlin (so incredibly personal in her humour tonight, as she spoke about her demons of mental health and alcohol) and Eddie Perfect who seems to have regained some of his satirical bite post-Shane Warne which I didn’t think was all that great.… Read the rest

  • Jul Musik

    Jul Musik

    One of my colleagues, half-Australian/half-Swedish, asked me today if I had any Swedish Christmas music she could borrow.

    “Of course I do”, I told her, promising to bring some in to work.… Read the rest

  • It’s Christmas in a week and a day…

    The jolly season is aproaching fast
    Giving us a reason to be happy at last
    I just wanna give you
    The best that I have got
    And it’s yours to keep
    Waiting under the tree

    You know it’s christmas in a week and a day
    and I just can’t figure out what to give away
    So I just wrap myself in paper for you baby

    And then the christmas is past and long gone away
    I’ll be right in your arms with a card that says
    That I love you –
    Merry christmas to you baby

    We’re far from strangers
    You’ve got a special glow
    When we’re making angels in the beautiful snow
    I just wanna give you
    the love of my heart
    And it’s yours to keep
    Waiting under the tree

    Or you can see the full version on Daily Motion.… Read the rest

  • Best Swedish Christmas Song Ever?

    Best Swedish Christmas Song Ever?

    Swedish class was a lot of fun tonight.

    It’s two weeks since I’ve been due to holidays and just not feeling like it last week, but things still went okay.

    I was anxious about the class due to the homework which was an exercise involving reflexive pronouns and reflexive verbs.… Read the rest