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Katarinahissen view of Stockholm
Katarinahissen view of Stockholm

Trying to decide what to wear on the plane. 22c in Sydney. -6 in Stockholm. Board shorts and a ski jacket?
Waiting @ bangkok airport along with some swedes and finns with bad sunburn!
The eagle has landed in stockholm and theres light snow
Tday: Slussen, Katarinahissen (it’s a clear day), Fjallgatan, swim at Liljeholmbadet, and tonight – Paradise.
Stunning day in stockholm with blue skies! Ice on houses starting to melt.
Minus16 at 7.42am, but sunny in Stockholm. Blue skies. Time for breakfast. Heading off to Norrkoping (country) for the weekend.
Going to see helen sjoholm (and some bloke) in concert tonight. People in Syd will know MF results for andra chansen before I do!
Wearing a jumper a scarf and a jacket and no longer feel over dressed
Late arvo beer in pub in swedish country town. Perfect except for the awful reggae covers playing on the pa.
The worlds longest queue is the hat check at the end of a concert in a swedish town in winter
Having lunch in pub in sweden and abba is on the sound system. Some say hell. I say heaven.

Katarinahissen view this week - the snow is disappearing
Katarinahissen view this week - the snow is disappearing

Watching the melodifestivalen replay on svt24. Wow!
Currently on train from Norrkoping to Stockholm. Big week, with Melodifestivalen final. Going to dress rehearsal Friday night.
Reading brochures @ stockholm visitors centre and wondering if the staff get bored hearing abba all day
Swedens answer to dykes on bikes is lespor pa vespor!
Its funny how you can hear an aussie accent accross the other side of a noisy room
Went to a fantastic schlager bar last night, victorias i think on kunstrag, with excellent live band #melodifestivalen #stockholm
First day out in stockholm without puffy jacket. Leather today!
Currently plus 5 degrees in Stockholm. Yay. I am off to the beach.
Looking forward to afternoon nap. This travel lark is exhausting.
Sitting in a bar in stockholm watching dirty dancing with swedish subtitles and keeping up with them
Jag sittar nagre tva engelskar bogar
Flera engelskar bogar ar har pa melodifestivalen
Think i could be sitting with russian jury for melodifestivalen
Gently snowing in stockholm today ahead of tonights dress rehearsal for melodifestivalen
Life saved thru timely advice by swedish woman about difference between ice safe to walk and that which is not
Have arrived at globen for melodifestivalen genrep. Det „r jettabra!

Stockholm at night, viewed from Katarinahissen
Stockholm at night, viewed from Katarinahissen

Reading in swedish about bondi in todays expressen. They have misspelled tamarama.
Stockholm city is deserted as people stay in to watch melodifestivalen!
On the edge of my seat as melodifestivalen results come in watching live @ torget in stockholm
O my god nanne is playing au paradise tonigt after melodifestivalen
Lover the cuteness of a 3am closure in stockholm but hopes the rest of the world has a great night
Spent arvo with gustav and photo with nanne
Feeling a bit frazzled after half a day of real work.
Waiting for train to malmo. They have weird people at train stations here too!
Have just seen grass for the first time since arriving in sweden
Currently in Malmo. Heading to Copenhagen tomorrow for #radiodayseurope
Just had a hair but and was not alarmed by the price. Yay
O my goodness! Danish! Sounds so different to swedish
I am in a bar where people smoke! Omg! Not sure if i am gonna like denmark…
Heading off shortly to European radio conference in Copenhagen. Woo! Hoo! #radiodayseurope
Speech went well i think. Good lunch chatting with nice people. #radiodayseurope
Great meeting lots of nice people. Now it’s back to my holiday! #radiodayseurope

Stockholm this week, viewed from Katarinahissen
Stockholm this week, viewed from Katarinahissen

Back in stockholm. Lot of snow gone but apparently back tomorrow. Night is quite mild
Lots of swedish men dont know when to stop using product on their hairand start using clippers aka the magnus carlsson effect.
Stockholm is gorgeous again. Fresh snow on ground and blue skies. Almost lunch time.
Just about to alcazar magnus etc and very excited. Great seat.
Cold, wet day in Stockholm. Looking for nice place for lunch. Seeing @sarahdawnfiner tonight.
Going steak house for lunch. Excellent prices at jensens bífhus. Steak and glass of red for $15.
Liked @sarahdawnfiner before tonights show in stockholm. Love her now! Blown away.
Absolutely stunning day in stockholm. Weather amazing.
@SarahDawnFiner Thanks for a GREAT show last night. Some pics here.
Today…. breakfast shortly, and then communing with nature. Maybe comedy night.
New favourite Swedish singer is Salem al Fakir and
Is that sunshine streaming through my window? Woohoo! Breakfast time.
Gorgeous day in stockolm. Weather stunning. Going out for dinner tonight. Fine day all round.
Syd theat comp has play called stockholm. Royal theat in stockholm has play called jerusalem. Is there a play called sydney in jerusalem?
Ja det funkar bra! = yes that works well. New swedish phrase i have learned today. – Quick pic from Stockholm today. What a beautiful city.
@tom125 Will be @ abba trib concert in small Swedish town 4 Earth Hr. Ideal opp 2 turn off and use candles :) Fernando anyone?
@LottaHaegg Aside from possibly fractured rib from falling down mountain, Sweden has been quite healthy for me.

View from Katarinahissen Week 3
View from Katarinahissen Week 3

Grrrr. I still can’t buy online tix for Swedish train system. What am I doing wrong? Grr.
Stockholm c vi ses igen. Central station we meet again. Aker til gavle. Travelling to gavle.
@nickpiggott Guessing it’s my Aust credit card or phone number causing probs. Great wifi at centralstationen, too.
@pblake When I bought ticket a few months ago, I resorted to old method – talk to operator. I think it’s the foreign credit card.
@tom125 That’s crazy!
Nice chatting train tickets. Gotta go, train is almost ready.
Gavle: swedish word for a cold and wet place. Country music at pub while i wait for bus to sandviken compensates.
Omg my head is spinning. Thousands of thoughts after today. Expect a marathon blog post.
Feeling slightly confused by the change to European summer time. Nine hours difference to Sydney now, not ten. I think.
This is one of the biggest, most talked about stories in Sweden at the moment. It’s very sad.
I dont want to leave sweden yet. Three days left.
Hello stockholm its good to see you again
Having lunch. Lily allen is soundtrack. Cant wait for reax of older swedish women next to me when #?@!you comes on.
Watching young people warning hands on fire. Thinking they wouldnt be so cold if they pulled their pants up.

The non-view from Katarinahissen
The non-view from Katarinahissen

Final Monday night in Stockholm? Heading off to a schlager bar. Yay!
Watching brokeback mountain with danish subtitles in a bar in stockholm. Omg.
Hoping someone can call in sick for me. James is in sweden and sick at the thought of coming home.
Heading to meet blogger Sandra in Sweden who returns from holiday in Oz. One hour window of opportunity. One of us might explode.
Starving! Hurry up and board you stupid plane.
At Helsinki Airport. Trying to figure how I have scored 2 red-eye flights in 24 hours. Still starving.
Have arrived for brief stop-over at Bangkok with far too much clothing.
Boarding ba flight at bangkok: how will all of the people here fit on one tiny aircraft?
Back in sydney . Bag is not.

Note: I’ve removed many of the posts about the conference, and also about other non-relevant stuff.

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    1. Yes feeling quite good, actually after yesterday. Staying low today to fully recover. And yes, I agree, more fun in real time than in tweets which tended to be a bit random and usually when I was sitting alone having lunch or a drink.

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